Onyx Terapias

At Onyx Terapias we have integrated different techniques that make a difference due to their effectiveness, you just have to bring your problem and we will find the best solution for you.

Full massage 60'


The Swedish massage is the most common and requested in our center. Back and legs. At Onyx we combine it with acupressure techniques, Thai massage and shiatsu to give greater effectiveness and creativity to a pleasant experience.

Back massage with hot stones 50'


In winter (and most of the year) with warm, soft stones under our hands, providing that relief you were looking for.

    Massage plus clay application


    The application of clay on the spine after the massage produces an intense relaxation worthy of the gods. In addition to a notable therapeutic effect
    Anti-cellulite treatments


    3 services in an hour and a half to choose between: pressotherapy, cavitation, radiofrequency, circulatory massage, ...or come and we will advise you to choose the anti-cellulite treatment most suitable for your needs. We also think about you and you can access cheaper vouchers for 5 or 10 sessions.

      Extra full massage


      Back, leg and arm massage with hot stones, application of thebia clay on the spine, while massaging the legs with hot stones, from behind, we remove the clay with thebia water, legs in front and we end up working the cervical face up.


        Sesión Onyx
         First, decontracting or relaxing Swedish massage (25min.) and then the application of clay (thebia in winter, fresh in summer) along the spine for 25 min. The clay unblocks and acts on the meridians of traditional Chinese medicine, relaxes the nervous system, anti-inflammatory, then is removed with water and sponge. Therapeutic clay helps to improve cervical, lumbar, sciatica, joint pain, lack of circulation, cramps, abdominal and digestive problems and all situations that the stress of daily life affects us. What is Geopuncture? It is the therapy that uses the healing properties of the earth, of certain earth such as mud, mud, clay, as a remedy. Let's think that the earth creates all our food, purifies and provides properties to the water, and carries out a great regeneration of our planet. The healing properties of clay are based on the regenerating, refreshing, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, purifying, healing, absorbent and soothing power that the earth possesses and which many ancient civilizations such as the Egyptian, Chinese, etc. have taken advantage of, without also mention many wild animals. Its external application is very diverse. The application of clay on the acupuncture meridians produces the same effects as needles, being harmless and painless.

        Hot stone massage 50'

        -Balances the nervous system and activates blood circulation -Eliminates toxins from the body - Improves body functions, reduces chronic and bone pain -Helps relaxation through the correct flow of energy, balancing body, mind and spirit -Reduces stress levels and also has visible aesthetic effects, as it oxygenates, revitalizes and illuminates the skin, a consequence of increasing blood circulation and eliminating toxins. - Firms the skin

        Anti-cellulite treatments: Cavitation, radiofrequency and hot stones massage

        The cavitation together with radiofrequency: Helps eliminate fat localized through the use of low-frequency ultrasound, which is apply to the area where the fat is concentrated to dissolve the adipose cells from within. The fat is then removed with urine or through the lymphatic system. These techniques are used to eliminate orange peel and mattress peel, returning the normal appearance to the skin of the treated areas, while improving the circulation, toxins are eliminated and tone and elasticity of the skin increases. the tissues. Formation and restructuring of new collagen. Favors the blood circulation.


        Prices in Dominican pesos may undergo some changes depending on the current price.

        Cavitation, radiofrequency and pressotherapy services
        will not be available in the Dominican Republic for the moment.